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Does your house look old and tired? Is the render cracked and the paint flaking away or faded with the sunlight? Do you have black spot mould on your walls caused by condensation? Is your conservatory either too hot or cold? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then Spray Cork could be just the thing you have been looking for!


When used Externally Spray Cork really comes into it’s own.
There is an excellent colour pallette to choose from creating the ideal solution for a decorative finish. (You can do that with paint I hear you say)
But paint will not.
Insulate Thermally and acoustically.
Last for 25 years and longer.
Be sustainable
Cover up cracks (up to 2 mm)
Be ultra flexible
Be UV protected (OK some paints might)
Protect from Sea Salts
Be repairable
The list goes on.
This is the same when it comes to traditional sand and cement renders, monocouche and silicone renders.
Where Cork Spray is only thin (between 6 and 8 millimeters thick) it can be sprayed onto existing substrates including render and pebbledashing without having the laborious task of removing and disposing of the waste before you even start. Therefore making the installation time significantly reduced. Less time, Less mess, Less waste!
When you weigh up the pros and cons of each application.
Cork will always be the best performing solution and should be the number one choice.

Over-Spray & Crack Repairs

Our long lasting solution adheres to any surface  and is a great solution for over-sprays. This is a great solution for getting rid of cracks whilst improving the kerb appeal of your property.

When using Spray Cork to over spray existing cracked and tired looking renders.
It will go over any cracks less than 2mm any bigger will have to be filled and any render that isn’t sound will be removed and reinstated beforehand. And because of the excellent flexibility of Spray Cork those cracks will be a thing of the past.
And you can sit back and admire your newly decorated insulated water proof (to mention a few benefits) house for many years to come with little or no maintenance


When used internally Spray Cork is and excellent way to eliminate cold damp walls that are susceptible to black spot mould.

Just a thin layer of Spray Cork will warm the wall enough to eradicate black spot mould for good. It can be skimmed over and because it’s only 10mm thick including the plaster there is no need to take existing skirting boards and other features off the wall speeding up install times. Insulating external walls is an excellent way to save energy and will keep the heat in the rooms for up to 30% longer than an uninsulated wall in the colder months making your home a cosier place to be.
Insulation will also keep the house cooler in the summer months saving you money all year round with warming and cooling energy costs.

Industrial Structures

Cork spray is not only for residential properties, it can be used in commercial and industrial properties as well. In fact, this is where it’s most suited. It will insulate, soundproof, eliminate condensation, provide a decorative finish, all in one application. Whether it’s used externally or internally, it will make the overall environment a much nicer place to be working in. If storing equipment and stock, etc., it will stop these getting damaged by big swings in temperature overnight.
It will also reduce your energy bills and the businesses carbon footprint making you more sustainable. If you are encapsulating asbestos, there are also huge tax reliefs of up to 150%, and all of our installs come with a 15-year guarantee. The benefits easily outweigh the negatives when using Spray cork in a commercial setting.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Garage roofs and lots of older industrial roofs can contain asbestos. Asbestos can be extremely expensive to remove and costs can run into the thousands, if not tens of thousands, depending on the size of the roof. Just to remove it, you’ll need a separate contractor to clear the site and then you’ll need a new roof as well. With cork spray there is a solution. Where the asbestos can be encapsulated, not only will it seal away the asbestos for 15 years, it will also give you a nice new looking roof that is waterproof, insulated to the colour of your choice. We would recommend a darker colour. Plus it will have a 15 year guarantee and a 1 year installation guarantee from SmartFix Systems. There’s also huge tax benefits and breaks for encapsulation from the government of up to 150%.

Air Tightness

We only use Passive Purple, which is a spray-applied liquid membrane from Intelligent Membranes. It’s a cutting-edge liquid membrane for internal and external use. It comes in vapour-open and vapour-closed. It’s VOC-free and water-based, so excellent for the environment, and will give better than the standards Passive House require for air tightness when compared to normal paper membranes and tapes. It will give results as low as 0.003 ACH air changes per hour. Because it’s spray-applied, it’s quick to install. It also comes in other colours, like air-tight white.

Window Protection

The window protection we use is the best in the market right now. It also comes from intelligent membranes and spray applied. It’s quick and easy to install and the windows are still openable and just peels off after the construction phase is over. It can stay on for up to 18 months externally and two years internally. It will adhere to almost any surface other than wood. Because it’s spray applied, you can get the job done much quicker than using tapes and plastic membranes to protect the windows. It won’t blow off in the wind. It’s UV protected. It’s also VOC free and water based so it doesn’t harm the environment. And it’s fully recyclable once the job is done.

Damp Proof Membrane

The spray applied liquid DPM we use is from Intelligent Membranes. It’s completely seamless and when used in combination with Passive Purple, it will provide a continuous barrier around the whole envelope of the building. We also use what is known as the GOAT on all service penetrations. This is a wonderful product. It cures almost instantly and is the perfect choice when sealing any service penetrations through into the subfloor. It’s quick and easy to apply. It can be spray or brush applied. And because it is one continuous piece, there’s no room for gaps to appear when taping normal plastic DPM together. This isn’t also VOC free and waterbased.

Brick Sealing

Brick Sealing. Another product by intelligent membranes brick sealing seals bricks and block work stopping water penetration but will still let the building breathe it can be spray applied or with a brush. This process will keep the moisture out whilst keeping the heat in.
It is VOC free and water based and will dry completely colourless.

SmartFix Systems Room in Roof Insulation System

SmartFix Systems Limited offers a unique innovative room-in-roof insulation system for retrofit projects, featuring aerogel and magnesium oxide boards. The bespoke design significantly reduces installation time, using sustainable materials. The tough and durable MGO boards are fully recyclable, unlike gypsum boards, minimizing waste. The system eliminates the need for plastering after installation, saving on wet trades and allowing for immediate decoration, making the loft room instantly usable.
It is ultra thin compared to other room in roof systems on the market too.

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